In December 1951, with the aim of manufacturing and selling industrial vehicles, Hirata Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto County with a capital of 1 million yen
In August 1958, started to manufacture the agricultural trailers
In December 1959, started to manufacture the belt conveyor and slat conveyor
In May 1964, the first TV assembly line manufactured by our company was delivered to customers
In July 1964, the Ueki factory (now Kumamoto Factory) was established in the Ueki-machi, Kamoto-gun, Kumamoto County (now Kumamoto City)
In August 1968, Kanto Factory was established in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi County
In October 1970, began to manufacture Free Flow Converters with the newly developed chains


In August 1974, Hirata Machinery & Industrial Co., Ltd. and Ohira Conveyor Co., Ltd. were merged with the trade name of Hirata Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
In December 1977, developed the NC control XY table "MACHINE-BASE" of the orthogonal robot
In June 1979, got the first order for gearbox assembly line from the automotive manufacturer
In February 1980, the subsidiary Hirata Corporation of America was established in Indiana, USA
In August 1980, developed the horizontal multi-joint 4-axis robot, which was the first to be sold in the world the next year
In March 1981, Kansai Factory was established in Yasu-mach, Yasu-gun, Shiga County (now Yasu City)
In April 1984, a robot factory was established in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto County
In March 1986, Taihei Computer was established in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto County (the business name was changed to Trinity in May 2011)
In January 1988, Direct Drive robot "AR-DD2700" won the Japan Economic Industry News Award


In January 1991, the subsidiary, Hirata FA Engineering (s) PTE. Ltd. was established in Singapore
In November 1993, the subsidiary Hirata Robotics GmbH was established in Germany
In April 1994, the robot "AR-K" series for indoor transportation without dust was developed
In May 1999, Hirata Industrial Co., Ltd.(the business name was changed to Hirata Field Engineering Co., Ltd. in February 2007) was established in Ueki-machi, Kamoto-gun, Kumamoto County (now Kumamoto City)
In August 1999, Shanghai Hirata Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. was established in China (the business name was changed to Hirata Machinery Equipment Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in March 2010)
In May 2000, the subsidiary Hirata Engineering S.A.de C.V. was established in Mexico


In October 2001, the 5th generation Resist coating machine for glass substrate "Head Coater" was developed
In December 2001, the Detroit Office of Hirata Corporation of America was established in Detroit, Michigan, USA
In February 2003, obtained ISO14001 certification in Kumamoto and Kanto, Japan
In April 2003, all business divisions obtained ISO9001 certification
In August 2004, Hirata Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand
In October 2006, Hirata Automated Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. was established in China
In December 2006, the Company (stock number 6258) was listed on the JASDAQ Stock Exchange (now the JASDAQ Market, Tokyo Stock Exchange )
In December 2006, Taiwan Hirata Machineries Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan
In May 2007, the 10th generation glass substrate handling robot was developed
In January 2008, seven city factories were established in Juchi City, Kumamoto County to expand the production space of FPD related production equipment
In November 2008, entered the market of solar cell manufacturing equipment
In November 2009, the corresponding 450mm wafer handling system EFEM was developed
In September 2011, the new FOUP starter and wafer handling robot were developed
In March 2012, the new horizontal multi-joint robot and small orthogonal robot were developed
In December 2012, Hirata FA Engineering (M) Sdn.Bhd was established in Malaysia
In June 2016, the head office moved to Kumamoto City, Kumamoto County
In June 2017, entered the first market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Have a complete set of equipment and technology
for production start-up

With a wide range of advanced machine tools such as large five-face processing machines
and aluminum die-casting machines which are unprecedented by the world's production
equipment manufacturers and advanced manufacturing equipment such as 3D-CAD/CAE/CAM in the domestic production base,
we have an assembly/testing Run space. This makes it possible to integrate production
from simulation of mass production systems and parts manufacturing to assembly/verification and
production start-up. In addition, low cost and short delivery time can be achieved,
and the production system has high reliability and durability

Large five-sided processing machine

It has a five-sided processing machine that can perform integrated processing of large-scale processing objects such as benches and frames from five directions, including from above and from the side, to ensure high accuracy and improve production performance.

XYZ: 5,000x2, 500x1, 650mm
Width: 3,100mm
Maximum number of revolutions: 6,000rpm
ATC: 60

Laser processing machine

It has a high-output (4kw) laser processing machine that can cut steel plates of different thicknesses with high speed and high precision.

Output: 4kw
Width: 3,100mm
Sheet size: 1,500x3,000mm
Board thickness: 20t (SS400)

Three-dimensional detector

Implement high-precision parts inspection. Automatic detection by memorizing the detection part.

Automatic detection: 800x800x590
Joystick operation
Probe ATC System

Bending machine

A hydraulic bending machine that can perform high-precision processing of bending parts with different plate thicknesses.

Pressurizing capacity: 220ton
Bending length: 4m
Angle sensing function

Machining Center

Machining parts are manufactured by cutting.

Maximum number of revolutions: 6,000rpm
ATC: 32

Electronic machine

Covers an area of 280 square meters. Use a variety of wiring-saving equipment and network equipment.
Main products: various control panels, hand-operated panels, distribution boxes, PLC panels, etc. (automobiles, FPDs, home appliances, etc.) can be made of iron and stainless steel panels. The disk surface coating can be powder or baking varnish coating.