Hirata Group Specialties

Hirata's job is to create a production system that customers of the world's top manufacturers can use with confidence. This also means constantly challenging the world's most advanced technology, which cannot be achieved without design and production, as well as cross-border communication between people. We leave the things that can be done with machines to the machines, in line with the concept of "living human beings power", we give full play to the role of people, we always do our best to provide full support, in order to achieve the best way to meet customer needs and feelings . We are facing a systematic one.

The word we created is not to reduce the number of people, but to use people to engage in higher value-added work.

Improve the reliability of the production system

Ideas and technologies that span industries have improved the reliability of production systems.

Hirata's development concepts and technologies are constantly evolving in various industrial fields such as automobiles, semiconductors, and home appliances. While maintaining confidentiality, we apply these expertise to various fields to create new innovations and respond to customer requirements at a high level.

Production engineering and "manufacturing capabilities"

One of the characteristics of Hirata is that all processes from development/proposal to production start-up, maintenance and service are carried out in-house.

Hirata has an integrated production system that effectively utilizes human resources, equipment and funds to develop/proposal, design, manufacture parts, assemble/verify, start production, and maintain/service. Internal production promotes the communication between each process, and can deliver high-quality and stable products in a timely manner.


Based on the "customer-centric" development concept and production system, we use our proprietary technology to provide higher-level solutions.

Realize the "production engineering" required by customers in terms of performance, cost, quality, safety, and production efficiency. Hirata integrates the new technology development capabilities of the R&D department, the review and standardization capabilities of the technology management department, and "manufacturing capabilities" in various fields. We will realize real production engineering through the holistic perspective cultivated from these forces and joint development with customers.